Los Bastardos Magnificos My|Am|Uh

I like good ole country roots music I can feel. Los Bastardos Magnificos MY AM UH is full of raw and real grit.

Album starts off and right away you know you’re in for a treat. You can feel the Florida swamp they call home is this album. With songs like ‘Whiskey Done It’s Job‘ you can almost picture yourself in a bar singing right along at the top of your lungs. When other artists try to write songs that will be relevant to a mass audience you lose the true feeling. That’s what makes this album great, these songs are real.

I know the Whiskeys Done It’s Job on me a time or three. ‘ Ain’t Got No Time‘ is a song about the road and leaving behind all the women from town to town. Something all us fans dream of “living like a rock star”. Then you get into what i consider the stand out track on this album ‘Life Aint Been Roses‘ in my opinion this song represents LBM the best. This could be the song that sums up my life, so it has a special place with me. Its almost like it was for me. Ain’t that what a good album does? Draws you in and makes it feel like the songs are for you?

This was all done from the heart and soul of a few Miami artists that wanted to play roots music that was there love and there passion. Im proud to say Los Bastardos Magnificos are Cracker Swamp family. Do yourself a favor and pickup the album today.




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